3D Graphics





New Home (2011)

This animated shortmovie was the Project for my Bachelorthesis. As the Sound is not finished jet, this video is without sound.

You can have a closer look at the development of this Project in the project making of you can find here.




Timekeepers (2009)

This animated shortmovie was the focus- Project of two Semesters of the 3D Graphics course. It should be the Introtrailer of a invented Computer Game.

My tasks included Characterdesign, Setdesign, Modelling, Texturing and Shading as well as animation and Compositing.

You can find more about this project here.






Timekeepers Game Trial (2009)

For the Game Trailer above, we also had the idea for a computergame. As it was not the main task of the project it remained quite rough and bare, but we learned a lot about game engines and game graphics.








"live" (2008)

In the first 3D Animation class i got the task to do a movie just with one human hand as a character.







Deep Sea (2007)

My first 3D assignment ever! We had to do the introtrailer for a nature- TV -documentation under the sea. Check it out!