Major 3D Assignment: Timekeepers

Iin the 3D Majorclass we were free to choose a project of our own. We were a team of 5 people, Jonas Pilz, Eric Bode, Martin Hoehnle, Monika Weichmann and me. Together we made the Introtrailer for the Gameconcept "Timekeepers" and started to develop the Computergame at the same time.

the story

In a foreign universe, the world is ruled by the Timekeepers who are responsible to keep the flow of time going. It is forbidden to enter the Castles of the Timekeepers, but there are ledgends, that the Clock in the inner heart of the world can control Time. Who ever is controlling the Time, is controlling the Planet.

Little Layla is one of few people who know about the Timekeepers Clock, and when she looses her family she decides to turn back time to get them back. But when she reaches the Controlterminal of the Clock, she breaks it and immediately the whole world starts to break apart, just like the clock which was keeping it together.


Screenshots from he clock:




Screenshots from Layla at the clock`s terminal:




Characterdesign Layla

Laylas Characterdesign was quite detailed but had to be made more simpler for the 3D-modelling.



In the End it was only a question of dresscolor ;)




Characterdesign "Timekeeper"

The mysterious Timekeepers happen to be not human, but machines. And that is only the visible surface of theyr dark secret...