These two 3D Projects took both a great time to develop and thus have a lot of making of information.
Click on them and have a closer look at the creative and working process i came up with.

A New Home (2011)


The Project for my Bachelorthesis was the animated shortmovie "a new home" in cooperation with Jonas Pilz.

The Thesis respected especially the Art Direction aspects of the Movie likeStorytelling, Characterdesign, Setdesign and Lookdevelopment.

The Bachelorthesis was about Art Direction, Storytelling, Characterdesign, Setdesign and Lookdevelopment.

Timekeepers (2009)

3D Class Focus-Project

The Focus-Project of my 3D Class was menat to be the intro sequence of a computer game we started to develop at the same time. In this Project we were 5 people and i became the "Art Department" for the first time.